Welcome to the Ember Sword Podcast! Hosted by marketing boy extraordinaire (and designated community punching bag) Svetlin Ivanov and featuring one or more guests from the development team, the show is meant to tackle any and all aspects of the game - its development, the team behind it, the plans for the future and the ideas driving the experience.

Plus, we’re only human, so expect a special episode now and then discussing all things gaming, life and beyond!

Community Management

February 4, 2022

Our wonderful community managers have now been with Bright Star Studios for what feels like forever (in the absolute best possible way). It makes sense, then, that picking their brains about all things community would be a fantastic idea. On this episode of the cast, Thor and Katrine share their experiences steering the massive ship that is our community, tell fun stories of their time with us and give a glance at what they envision the community becoming in the future. All bases covered, really.


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